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The Case for Helvetica Neue in Mac OS X Yosemite | Big Nerd Ranch

At this year’s WWDC, Apple sparked controversy when they announced that OSX Yosemite would ditch Lucida Grande in favor of iOS 7’s current typeface of choice, Helvetica Neue. Though some folks are quick to point to things like Erik Spiekermann’s bluntly titled “Helvetica Sucks,” which ostensibly proves how poorly Helvetica Neue reads at small point sizes, the choice to make Helvetica Neue the standard across both OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 makes a lot of sense to me.

How to capture your Mac's audio for free

You’ve likely found yourself in this position more than once: Your Mac is playing audio that you’d love a permanent copy of, but the application you’re using doesn’t provide a way to do that. While you could turn to one of the few commercial Mac applications that perform this task, there’s a way to go about it that won’t cost you a nickel. In this Macworld Video I show you how.

20 more technical terms every Mac user should know

Last week I introduced you to 20 computer terms you should know. In addition to a few “thanks for that” responses, I also received a few “Yeah, but what about…” queries. And each is worth our time. So, have another round on me.

Put Actions for iPad to Work on Your Mac

You can read our full review of Actions on iPad.AppStorm, but in a nutshell, Actions is an app that allows you to trigger keyboard shortcuts from your iPad.

How to get the Windows Fonts for free on your Mac

First go to this page where you can download the Open XML Converter for Macintosh. This program allows you to open Office 2008 programs in older versions of Microsoft office. It also includes all the fonts for Office 2008. So you can either run the installer and it will install itself, or if you are a bit uneasy about installing Microsoft products on your computer, right click on the installer and select show package contents. Open the folder called ‘Contents’ then ‘Packages’ then select ‘show package contents’ of the file that is called OpenXML_all_fonts. Open the folder called ‘Contents’ then double-click on ‘Archive.pax.gz’

Very useful!!!

Apple announces 128GB iPad

Apple on Tuesday announced a new iPad that’s a lot like the existing fourth-generation iPad, only with more storage than ever before. The iPad with Retina display will now be offered in a 128GB variety. The Wi-Fi model will retail for $799; the Wi-Fi + Cellular option will cost $929. With the exception of its bigger storage space, the 128GB iPad is otherwise identical to previous incarnations of the fourth-generation iPad, first released in late 2012: It employs a 9.7-inch Retina display, A6X chip, FaceTime HD camera, and comes with iOS 6.1 installed. The 128GB iPad will be available starting February 5.

Heroku's developer event

heroku's developer event the concourse  San Francisco 28 February 2013. waza is the japanese word for art and technique waza celebrates craft and the creative process of software development with technical sessions and interactive artistic happenings.

hipKey Proximity Sensor for iOS Devices Now Available Through Apple Online Store

The hipKey is a high tech way of keeping track of your valuables. Simply attach the device to the item of your choice and you’re ready to go. Made of a sculptured one-piece anodized aluminum ring surrounded by high-quality plastic parts, its sleek oval form fits perfectly in your palm or pocket. You can even attach it to your keys.

How to Configure Language Support on Your iOS Device - The Mac Observer

When you first set up your new device, you were asked for the desired System Language. Actually, this can be changed any time from the Settings > General > International pane. My iPad and iPhone are configured for the English Language and for United States English Voice Control, all using the text formatting appropriate in the U.S. "region," such as dates, numbers, time stamps, etc.

A Web Designer’s Introduction to A/B Testing

A/B testing is the process of experimenting with different options in order to measure the relative success of each one. Where the web is concerned, A/B testing can make it clear which design choices are most effective; clear to the designer and (more importantly) clear to the client.

The five weirdest Macs of all time

In its 36 years in business, Apple has produced hundreds of computer models in a dizzying array of sizes, styles, and capabilities. All along the way, fans and critics alike have lauded Apple for its unique and distinctive design sense—even in the awkward years before Steve Jobs rejoined the company, believe it or not. However, if a company produces hundreds of computer models, chances are that a few might come out looking a little too distinctive, little too unique, or little too weird. Here are the five weirdest Macs ever released by Apple.

Troubleshoot your wireless network with Wi-Fi Diagnostics

To launch Wi-Fi Diagnostics, hold down the Option key as you click on the Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar. That’ll open the Wi-Fi menu with an Open Wi-Fi Diagnostics item at the bottom; click that item to open the utility. You can also launch the program directly from its hidey-hole: In the Finder, choose Go > Go to Folder, and enter /System/Library/CoreServices/. You’ll find the Wi-Fi Diagnostics app in there.

Get Rid Of Notification Center, Menu Bar Icon And All, In Mountain Lion

Tired of OS X Mountain Lion notifying you of things? Sick of the little menu bar icon in the upper right corner of your Mac’s screen? Do you not even use Notifications at all on your Mac? You might, then, want to get rid of the entire thing, disabling it completely and removing the icon from the menu bar. Read more at