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Apsalar adds support for Facebook’s new mobile ads to track iOS and Android app marketing campaigns

App developers now have a new tool to add into their arsenal that will help them monitor and analyze their users’ engagement from a mobile marketing standpoint with their Facebook-integrated apps. Starting today, the social network will begin offering the campaign insight services from mobile marketing measurement company, Apsalar, to developers in order to help measure the performance of their mobile marketing campaigns.

90 best iPad apps for designers

Leading designers from around the world reveal the best iPad apps for design, creativity, inspiration and organisation. Unlike the iPhone, Apple's tablet has enough screen space to enable more complex interactions. It's therefore no surprise many within the design industry are using iPads for research, organisational tasks, finding inspiration and even creating work.

Cool iOS concept.

Back when I had a jailbroken iPhone, one of my favorite Cydia tweaks was a hack called Switchy, which came to life based upon an initial forum post mocking up a more advanced app switcher for iOS. I’m hopeful, then, that the same will prove true for this new switcher concept posted over the weekend, which might be the best looking, most attractive and most functional app switcher we’ve seen yet. Read more at

How to Make Your Own App Promo Cards

As many of you know, my Halftone app was featured by Starbucks as its Pick of the Week this past August. I visit Starbucks daily for my morning caffeine fix, and over the course of a couple weeks, I managed to collect a small stack of the Halftone cards. They’ve proven to be a fantastic promotional tool and a very handy way to give someone a free copy of the app.

Get Started as an iOS developer

Got an idea for a killer app but don’t know where to begin? Daniel Bramhall of Visioa explains everything you need to know to start programming for Apple devices

Useful one.

30 Great Apps for Developers

Here’s 30 of the best tools for developers, some of which you might already be using and others you might have just have heard of in passing. Even if you’re not a developer, be sure to give the roundup a look, as there’s a lot of productivity apps in here that just might appeal to you too!

Ten Must-Have iPad And iPhones Apps For Small Business Owners

Much of the discussion about the iPhone and iPad in business focuses on larger enterprise companies and organizations. While the devices are clearly have a lot to offer in the big business arena, the iPhone and iPad are also excellent tools for smaller companies. The versatility of iOS devices, the iPad in particular, lets small business owners perform many crucial tasks like tracking expenses, generating invoices, and planning new projects quickly and easily from a single device. The App Store is full of apps that can help launch, manage, and grow a business of any size. Many business apps useful to small business are fairly well-known. Square’s mobile payment system (and PayPal’s competing solutions) get a fair amount of coverage in mainstream and tech media stories, for example. There are, however, many great apps for small business users in the App Store that don’t get that kind of publicity.

Muy buenos Tips para aumentar la productividad del iPad en los Pequenos negocios.