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Chinese Number Websites: The Secret Meaning of URLs | New Republic

An American friend living in Beijing once said she refused to communicate with anyone whose email address consisted of a string of numbers, such as This made sense to me at the timewhy make email addresses as difficult to remember as phone numbers? But I soon realized that issuing a blanket ban on number-based communications would mean cutting off just about every single Chinese person I knew.

Pragmatic UX Techniques For Smarter Websites | Smashing UX Design

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 6.37.11 PM.png

What is “User Experience Design” exactly? Should you not start it unless you are fully dedicated, or should you embrace it in the process as soon as possible? Are all designers also user experience designers, or is it a separate expertise?

20 steps to the perfect website layout


Claudio Guglieri, art director at New York agency B-Reel, walks you through the process of designing a website layout from start to finish.

Speed Up Your Mobile Website With Varnish | Smashing Mobile

Imagine that you have just written a post on your blog, tweeted about it and watched it get retweeted by some popular Twitter users, sending hundreds of people to your blog at once. Your excitement at seeing so many visitors talk about your post turns to dismay as they start to tweet that your website is down — a database connection error is shown.

Ten essential tips for searching the Web | Macworld


Finding just the right page among the billions on the Web requires not only a search engine but also a bit of know-how. Here is a selection of my favorite tips for searching the Web. 

5 Easy Tablet Optimizations You Can Make on Your Website Right Now

In the web design community, tablets continue to be somewhat of an enigma. They sit in the uncomfortable midpoint between the unrestricted playground of a 'desktop' browser and the full-on design and performance challenge of creating an optimized mobile experience.


Of course it matters and you know it. So why do we keep making slow sites that lead to a bad user experience? This is a community-driven practical guide that will show you how to make websites faster.