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Apple releases iAd Producer 4.2 with full-screen iPhone banner support | 9to5Mac

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Following a series of software releases over the last week including OS X 10.9.3iTunes 11.2Safari 7.0.4and Podcasts for iOS, Apple has tonight released a point update to its iAd Producer software in the developer center. The previous update to the software was released earlier this year in March. The update includes, among other improvements, support for full-screen iPhone banner iAd creation. Full release notes after the break.

The iPhone is Now 2K Capable |

There are rumors to accompany every generation of mobile devices. The potential to push past HD video and into digital cinema resolutions is a frequent rumor surrounding the video capabilities of many phones. There is no doubt that high-end mobile devices are capable of capturing good looking HD video, but 2K and beyond is not yet the mainstream for the mobile crowd. Apple will be coming out with updated iPhones and iPads later this year, but current owners of the iPhone 5s won’t have to wait for a new phone to capture 2K video. The Ultrakam Pro app allows iPhone 5s owners to capture 2k resolution video.


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Every color has a story

How to stretch your iPhone's battery as far as it can possibly go | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

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We've all been in this situation before: You haven't plugged in your iPhone in a couple of days and now you have just a sliver of battery life left. Your phone has been warning you that it's near death, but you have nowhere to charge it. At this point, you don't care if your phone is the fastest or most powerful; you're waiting for an important call and you just want it to live as long as possible before it faints to a black screen.

Hands on: Briefs is an ambitious tool for prototyping iOS apps

“I’ve got a great idea for an app!” That’s probably a sentiment most of us have uttered at some point over the last few years. But relatively few of us probably have any idea how to turn said concept into an actual app. Martian Craft’s Briefs aims to change that by providing a you with the tools you need to prototype your app, taking your idea from “under construction” to “that thing’s operational!”

Kleverbeast Aims To Be The Wordpress of Mobile Apps

The company runs on a SaaS model, charging $29 per month for hosting and use of the software. In comparison, Moorjani points out that the cost of hiring an iOS or Android developer to make a mobile app from scratch is generally five-figures. Kleverbeast also offers monetization tools, like in-app purchasing for e-commerce stores and ad-serving for blogs. The 21-person company, based in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan, has raised $2 million in seed funding and $1.5 million in bridge financing from an undisclosed set of angel investors.

How To Design Pixel Perfect Assets

Assuming that you design your Mobile app in 2x, I know it’s tempting to use automatic tools such as Slicy to create your 1x assets. But it’ll be far from perfect, since you’ll end up with half-pixels and that means blurry outlines. You don’t want blurry pixels.

Dos and don'ts of cross-platform mobile design

The words “cross-platform development” have a somewhat negative connotation within the mobile development community. When we think cross-platform, we immediately think of compromising designs and user experiences, with poor performance that caters to the lowest common denominator of device. There are so many people doing cross-platform development badly that we’ve started to assume that all cross-platform development is bad.

hipKey Proximity Sensor for iOS Devices Now Available Through Apple Online Store

The hipKey is a high tech way of keeping track of your valuables. Simply attach the device to the item of your choice and you’re ready to go. Made of a sculptured one-piece anodized aluminum ring surrounded by high-quality plastic parts, its sleek oval form fits perfectly in your palm or pocket. You can even attach it to your keys.

Preparing Websites For The Unexpected

Designing websites for smartphones is easy compared to retrofitting those already in place. More than that, it’s embarrassing how, almost eight years after CSS gained practical acceptance, a lack of foresight haunts those of us who write HTML.

29 new inspiring responsive designs on the web

Take a look at these new, smart and stylish responsive layouts and get inspiration for your next website. Spanning across different kinds of companies, strategies and aesthetics, all of these websites have one thing in common: great responsive design.

Give Your Website an iOS Home Screen Icon

With more mobile web users than ever, it’s important to keep your branding strong. Let’s go one step further than the standard favicon and help your website stand out by creating icons for use on iOS and Android home screens.

How to Configure Language Support on Your iOS Device - The Mac Observer

When you first set up your new device, you were asked for the desired System Language. Actually, this can be changed any time from the Settings > General > International pane. My iPad and iPhone are configured for the English Language and for United States English Voice Control, all using the text formatting appropriate in the U.S. "region," such as dates, numbers, time stamps, etc.

A Web Designer’s Introduction to A/B Testing

A/B testing is the process of experimenting with different options in order to measure the relative success of each one. Where the web is concerned, A/B testing can make it clear which design choices are most effective; clear to the designer and (more importantly) clear to the client.

A Guide To Mobile App Testing

Testers are often thought of as people who find bugs, but have you ever considered how testers actually approach testing? Do you ever wonder what testers actually do, and how they can add value to a typical technology project?