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How to get the Windows Fonts for free on your Mac

First go to this page where you can download the Open XML Converter for Macintosh. This program allows you to open Office 2008 programs in older versions of Microsoft office. It also includes all the fonts for Office 2008. So you can either run the installer and it will install itself, or if you are a bit uneasy about installing Microsoft products on your computer, right click on the installer and select show package contents. Open the folder called ‘Contents’ then ‘Packages’ then select ‘show package contents’ of the file that is called OpenXML_all_fonts. Open the folder called ‘Contents’ then double-click on ‘Archive.pax.gz’

Very useful!!!

Microsoft Confirms Office for iOS March 2013

Microsoft has already said that Office Mobile will be supported on iOS, Android and Windows smartphones, although the company hasn't said before now whether the app suite would be Web-based or platform-native.

Microsoft makes 3D navigation mobile with wearable Digits prototype

Between the popular Kinect camera and the experimental 3D desktop, Microsoft has been hard at work improving virtual navigation in the three-dimensional space. Despite advancements in technology, execution has long relied on stationary or cumbersome equipment to make detection possible. At the 25th ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST), Microsoft Research will be showcasing a new method of 3D tracking in the form of Digits, a wearable prototype that is able to track hand motions without the inconvenience of bulky hardware.

Surface by Microsoft

La nueva tableta de Microsoft según Microsoft, asi fue como Microsoft introdujo su tableta al mundo.

Y esta es una comparación de READ WRITE WEB de las dos keynotes tanto de Microsoft como Apple, en las introducciones de sus tabletas.