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A First Look at Google Web Designer - Tuts+

Unless you've been hiding under a stone recently, you'll have no doubt seen Google's latest application release: Google Web Designer. Currently in Beta, GWD is a tool for building interactive websites and, perhaps more significantly, ad banners, through modern web standards.


CommaFeed Aims to Become the New Google Reader and More


CommaFeed is a lot more than just a web app that looks to take the place of Google Reader. While that is where the service excels, it is more than a one-trick pony. First, unlike other alternatives, this one is open source — the code is available on Github.

Do You Google Yourself? Are You Hiring?

His solution? Buy advertisements to appear whenever one of the executives searched for his or her own name on Google. The ads, which cost Brownstein $6, prompted them to hire him and check out his online portfolio. It was a bold bet on the vanity of the human spirit, and it paid off. Brownstein relates his experience in the video

The Joy Of Illustrated Maps In The Era Of Google Earth

In my career as a freelance illustrator, map-making has become a favorite specialty of mine. With each map assignment, I virtually travel across the globe, visiting places I’ve never been. Most recent was a “trip” to New Zealand for a sampling of local Wellington beer for Draft Magazine. My maps are designed to appear next to magazine stories about trips to faraway places, or about the best restaurants in a nearby neighborhood.

Take an Incredible Bird's-Eye Tour of Manhattan

The stunning shot of Manhattan, taken from a unique "bird's-eye" perspective, is part of panoramic photo project called AirPano. Essentially, it's Google Street View from the air — viewers can virtually access the entire island, from Battery Park up to Washington Heights.