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5 Things You Should Know About DSLR Film Making | Raindance Film Festival

The first digital SLR cameras that could shoot high definition video emerged in 2008. In just two short years these cameras have revolutionised independent film making with their ability to deliver stunning professional-looking video in a cheap and compact package. They are fast becoming the camera of choice for indie cinematographers around the world, even Robert Rodriguez has been spotted shooting with this new technology.


Ground control to Commander Hadfield: astronaut records first music video from space

Last December, astronaut Chris Hadfield recorded the first song in space aboard the International Space Station, and he's back today with the first music video from space: a cover of David Bowie's "Space Oddity." Hadfield is set to return home to Earth in a Soyuz craft on the morning of May 14th, after a prolific mission in space filled with science, singing, and sharing on Twitter. The video features Hadfield moving throughout the ISS with his guitar, with some impressive vocals to boot — between the setting and the sound, it's a performance that does Bowie justice.


Awesome Time-Lapse ‘New York Day’

“New York Day” and the approximately four-minute long video is only a teaser of what photographer Samuel Orr hopes to produce. One of the really cool things about this video is its employment of natural sound (or nat sound as we call it in the business).

The Startup Kids

The Startup Kids is a documentary about young web entrepreneurs in the U.S. and Europe. It contains interviews with the founders of Vimeo, Soundcloud, Kiip, InDinero, Dropbox, Foodspotting and many others who talk about how they started their company and their lives as an entrepreneur. The movie is made by two Icelandic entrepreneurs, Vala Halldorsdottir and Sesselja Vilhjalmsdottir, who founded their first company shortly after the economic collapse of Iceland and wanted to motivate other young people to become entrepreneurs. Check out the list of screenings or request a screening if you want to host one The movie will be available online in March 2013.

GoPro Unveils Its Latest Line-Up

The top model, the HERO3 Black Edition, is 30 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter than the HERO2 with a $399.99 price tag. Its image processor is twice as fast, and the camera can capture 4k video at 15 frames per second, 2.7k video at 30 frames per second.

HERO3 Black Edition

'Samsara' creators Ron Fricke and Mark Magidson discuss the digital filmmaking divide (video)

In 2012, however, the beauty of celluloid may well present more problems than it's worth, according to the duo. "It's at a level that you'd really have to think hard about not doing it now going out in digital," says Fricke. "There's a lot of issues shooting film, getting film stock in and out -- we went to 25 countries, there's a big price to pay shooting in film because you have to deal with exposed film / unexposed getting it in, you can't take it with you. Like when we made Baraka 20 years ago, we could carry it with us or check it in, they wouldn't X-ray it, and it just doesn't work like that anymore. So it's very challenging." Magidson adds, simply, "The issues with film are only getting harder, not easier."

RED SCARLET Promotion just for 7,100 $

SCARLET-X W/ SIDE SSD AND LENS MOUNT (BATTLE-TESTED) camera package is the latest addition to the DSMC line, capable of capturing 5K stills and 4K motion footage. With advanced capabilities such as HDRx alongside a native 13.5 stops of dynamic range, SCARLET-X is the perfect hybrid camera for cinematographers and photographers alike. Upgrade your sensor, add modules, and embrace a system defined by Obsolescence Obsolete. Made in the USA.

$7100 instead of the regular $11,900. Scarlet Brain, Side SSD and Canon Mount.

Canon EOS 7D Magic Lantern Alpha Available

This is a long story. The workings of single-DIGiC cameras are already well understood. We know how to forge FIRs and we can execute code using this method. Our code gets executed without any interruption to the cameras proper function, we can hook into startup code and simply restart the camera or update the bootflag needed for execution of autoexec.bin. Same applies to autoexec.bin if the bootflag is enabled.

Visit the download page for Magic Lantern

QRmovie puts adaptive, animated QR codes in film

The very mention of QR codes will likely incite groans in the least cynical of technophiles. What once was a tangible and exciting example of two-worlds colliding, bringing the physical world into the digital realm with funky barcodes and smartphones, now illustrates what can happen when we’re not really quite sure how to implement a fledgling technology. Football teams with QR codes on their shirts? I rest my case.

Super Cool!!!

The design thinking behind the new

I’d like to mention that the Matterhorn team, our previous codename, is the finest team I’ve ever worked with. I’ve never met more talented, driven individuals, and that without our tight bond this project could never have happened. I should also mention that these views are my own and not those of Disney, you know how that goes. Please read and get a glimpse behind the curtain of how we made it happen.

Plexus - next-gen plugin for After Effects

Plexus is a plugin that promises to turn After Effects into a true hybrid 2D/3D application for your motion graphics projects. Here, Mike Griggs puts it through its paces.

Man Interviews His 12-Year Old Self [VIDEO]

What would it be like if you could go back in time and talk to a younger version of yourself? Filmmaker and actor Jeremiah McDonald got to experience that process — in a way — thanks to a video tape he made for his future self back in 1992.

Este filmmaker escribio un script perfecto, el video muy bueno !