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CSSMatic – Automation Tool That Makes CSS Easy For Web Designers

CSS is a very powerful stylesheet language that lets you take control of the look and feel of a site. It provides efficiency in design and updates. But coding from scratch is always tough. Thankfully, you can find many little helpers which usually cover a few features to make coding CSS easier.

CSS trickery and calc function

I gave it a go and it turned out to be much easier than I firstly expected. No weird cross browser issue, no dirty hack and mostly just plain ol' good CSS. But you may want to give it a try, don't you?

CSS Mac Plus -


Let’s build (virtually) a computer. Not just any old computer, but a computer that was, for many of us, an introduction into the world of Apple. The Macintosh Plus, codename Mr. T, was first introduced in 1986 and packed a whopping 1MB of RAM and an 8 MHz processor. Aside from all that raw power, it was a seriously cute design, which made the computer more fun to use.

The Simpsons in CSS


Chris Pattle has recreated The Simpsons' most popular characters in markup alone - and the results are stunning! Find out how he did it...

4 tools for automatic CSS testing

Introduce some automated CSS testing into your workflow for more time making and less time checking. Simon Madine explains how to get started

Simple Responsive Images With CSS Background Images

The website looks gorgeous on computers with super–high-resolution displays because it includes a high-resolution version of the main image. Delivering that image file doesn’t come cheap, though; its 1940 × 1229 pixels make the image 446 KB in size after compression.

Web design inspiration: 45 examples of CSS

It's amazing what can be done with CSS these days. Support for the latest CSS3 properties is strong in the latest versions of all the major browsers - even Internet Explorer - and the possibilities for typography, animation and interactivity have never been greater. But finding web design inspiration can be tricky.


Flat design is a graphic design style that puts the product and content first. This minimal approach removes unnecessary details in an interface and boils the design down to the core functionality. There are no shiny buttons, bevels or bezels, and especially no photorealism (also known as skeuomorphism, like the torn pages on the iPhone Notes app). By including only the elements that are necessary, a designer can create an elegant and responsive easy-to-use interface quickly. It’s an incredibly popular style nowadays. So here are 12 Free Flat CSS & PSD UI Kits that can be utilized on any web project.

Who Says the Web is Just for Squares?

With the continued adoption of advanced CSS by browsers, we are starting to have the ability to do more and more using just CSS. As we have seen, you can make all kinds of crazy shapes with only CSS. On a recent client project, the designer challenged me with a grid of diamonds.